The Love Aflame Women Fellowship came into existence through a vision given to Rev. Mercy Daniels to reach out to her generation.

The fellowship was formally inaugurated by our Senior Pastor, Apostle Silva E. Daniels, on the 6th of Nov. 1994

Rev. Mercy

Aims and Objective

  • To ministers to the married women and spinsters that are about to get married on how to be good wives and mothers.
  • To encourage and develop them in the Lord through ministry of God’s word
  • To reach out to people in Hospitals, Prisons, Schools and in the market places.
  • To give social and domestic education to the women
  • To liberate the women and teach them on how to reach out to their world; using our ministry materials.

It is different story today, the attendance has increased in an explosive way: some of which are: – Commitment level of the brethren towards the vision has been awesomely outstanding.

The Tuesday “Monthly Recovery” for women has gone a long way in restoring and amending broken homes. It has also spread to other Nations of the world.

The fellowship kicked off fully on the 8th of Nov. 1994 and has increased from 6 members to above 120 members in 2013 massively.

Through the study of God’s Word cuddled with her ministerial experience,

Rev. Mercy Daniels has successfully brought restoration to lots of women in the group.

To God be the glory, lives have been changed and are still being changed through this group, there are testimonies to show for this;

  1. Lots of women have been blessed with the fruit of the womb.
  2. Lots of families were raised from poverty, and are now experiencing prosperity
  3. Through this group other satellite churches have been birthed
  4. Women have become better wives to their husbands and better mothers to their children
  5. Most of our spinsters are happily married
  6. Many others are now self-employed through the group hand craft teaching scheme

Indeed the Lord has been faithful to us. You will agree with me that Love Aflame Women Of Substance Fellowship has eventually turned out successfully and speedily  accomplishing it’s vision.