The church through this department, not only do we minister financially and materially to the less privilege we also teach them how to trust and faith in God.

To provide technical skills, moral support and grassroots empowerment to the underprivileged in the society To provide food, clothing and shelter to local and international refugees.

i-Care Support Initiative

Moved by the low level of poverty, the rate of unemployment and the disposition of children towards begging in the society. We as a Non – Governmental Organization have decided to empower the youth, children and women alike in the church and the larger society.

The gesture was born out of the need to take the youth especially off the streets and empower the women to support their families.

This will involve training skill Accusation like
– Catering,
– Knitting,
– Hair – dressing,
– Sowing,
– Information Communication Technology
among other and equipped them to help them face the labour market.

In this project we really aim at training and equipping youths and women for self reliance and empowerment, create awareness on health issues, adopt pragmatic projects to fight poverty and promote peaceful co-existence among the people.

From the inception of the ministry, demonstrating Love, how to allow the world see, hear and feel all the joy the relationship men has with God has been our major concern.

We believe that if ministry is all about God and people and if God’s primary concern was meeting the needs of mankind, then it must of a necessity be our concern also.

This therefore form the basis of the establishment of I- CARE INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE  . No matter how discouraging or antagonistic the world may seem, there will always be a people that cares, choosing to become a helpful model of good relationship which God brought to man.

The ministry has therefore under I- CARE INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE    established five channels of distribution. This only compliments the open service distribution of food stuff and other items during our Sunday worship to widows, applicants and many others.