I-Care International Support

SILVA DANIELS Introduces I-CARE INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE It’s time for us to leave the ordinary life to the extra ordinary life as humans. Leaving the mundane to a higher life in this world. Chosen to be a major help to others than live for self. You can choose to be a channel to help the less privilege in our society in particular and Africa in general. The choice is ours to decide.

There are these two major kinds of life that people live: It is either the lower life or the higher life. In the lower life you live for yourself, but in the higher life you live for others. As human, it’s going to be highly beneficial to us as we choose to live the higher life. So the higher life makes you to live above the average or mediocre form of existence.

Living the higher life is one of the major keys to the riches of the earth. You don’t donate because people are suffering but you donate because it is the right thing to do in view of the level of suffering around us on planet earth today.

It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us. — Jackie Mutcheson Why I-Care International Support Initiative? Looking around, all you see is Hunger, Unemployment, Civil Unrest, Kidnapping, Armed Robbery etc. The level of depravation around us calls for immediate attention and action from kind hearted people who are privilege to have. Other human cannot stand aloof in the midst of this social imbalance that we see all around us.

Therefore, we must rise up and do something because it could have been you or me. We are to bring and proffer solutions. We may not be able to satisfy all the basic needs of man – Food, Clothing and Shelter, but we must begin from somewhere. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill I-Care International Support Initiative is a modest NGO founded by Silva Daniels, a man of an unquenchable passion towards poverty eradication and amelioration of the less privileged and operates with other kind hearted individual.

It is his understanding that we can create an Oasis Of Love In This Troubled World via coming to the rescue of mankind through practical demonstration of unconditional love. This is a crusade that all and sundry must be ready to get involved in, in order to help fellow mankind. Any love that does not involve some kind of giving is not genuine love. It may interest you to know what the world needs today is genuine love for fellow human being.

Therefore, I-Care International Support Initiative is designed to reach out to the welfare of the needy in the area of food, clothing and other basic necessities of life etc. The operation and functions of this NGO is centered in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

You can be a part of this divine idea by your kind donations in cash or kind. I can assure you that you shall not miss your reward because whoever gives to the poor gives to our maker. Remember this.. As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.

— For Participation, Partnership or Enquiry call: 08033445463, 08033445964