YOUTH AFLAME OF LOVE AFLAME MINISTRIES This is a fellowship designed specifically for the youths and singles. It is a fellowship that exposes and accommodates the talented and purposeful youth. It is a fellowship with potentials are discovered, given direction and given opportunity for expression of fulfillment. It’s a fellowship where youths are kept on focus and on fire for the Lord and Kingdom exploits. OBJECTIVES – Unification of the singles and youth toward kingdom expansion – Organization inspiring, edifying and educational activities to keep the youth abreast with modern and current realities. – Spiritual development and direction – Inculcating spiritual, moral and family values – Exposing the youths and singles to social, cultural and educational awareness. – Preparing the youth and singles for a place in eternity through systematic and consistent Biblical teachings. – A forum where the youth/singles are prepared spiritually and mentally for an enduring family life. DAYS OF FELLOWSHIP -3rd Tuesday Of Every Month By 5pm